Safe Haven Baby Boxes have been introduced in multiple states and are accessible to mothers who desire to utilize the anonymity of the Safe Haven Law. Our research found that some women want complete anonymity and are dropping off their newborns at the doors of fire stations and hospitals without doing the face to face interaction. In one situation a newborn baby boy was placed at the entrance of a hospital in a card board box and when the child was finally found the child had frozen to death and was deceased.   Safe Haven Baby Boxes allows a mother to place her unwanted child in a  safe haven baby box that is outside of selected fire stations.  These boxes are equipped with a heating and cooling feature and are equipped with ADT silent alarm trips so emergency personal will be notified within 30 seconds that there is a newborn placed in the box. The child will then be picked up by EMS within 3-5 minutes.  The Safe Haven Baby Box is a last resort option for women in crisis.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes Inc. is a 501(c)3 that was founded by Monica Kelsey who was abandoned as an infant.  Monica has made it her personal mission to educate others on the Safe Haven Law and to do whatever it takes to save the lives of innocent babies from being abandoned.  The safe haven baby box takes the face to face interaction out of the surrender and protects the mother from being seen.  Safe Haven Law provides No Shame, No Blame, No Names.

If you or someone you know needs help, call our 24-hour hotline