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Every day in South Africa a baby is found abandoned in the streets, some in trash cans or creeks and the majority of these babies being found deceased.  These babies never had a chance. 

Mrs. International partnered with Safe Haven Baby Boxes in 2016 and she has made it her personal mission to bring Safe Haven Baby Boxes to countries that need our help.  We are raising funds for not 1 but 2 Safe Haven Baby Boxes to be donated to locations in South Africa.  This not only includes the boxes, this also includes our organization having boots on the ground in South Africa working in the community with Mrs. Internationa  educating women and making them aware of this option.  We can put boxes anywhere, but if these women don't know it exists we will still be finding babies abandoned and left for dead. Our prayer is to be in South Africa in September of 2017 installing our boxes and starting to save some of these 400 babies found abandoned every year. 

We have received numberous emails from organizations across South Africa asking for our help and we are listening!  Where there are abandoned babies, Safe Haven Baby Boxes will be there!  Will you help us help these mothers find a safe place to surrender their newborns?

"Legal Defense Fund for Mothers-in-Crisis.”

This fund is for the legal defense of any mother who chooses the last resort option of placing her unharmed infant inside of a safe haven baby box to surrender under the safe haven law.  All monies collected under this fund will go directly to the legal defense of any woman who finds herself being prosecuted while surrendering the infant legally under the Indiana Safe Haven Law in one of our safe haven baby boxes.  

Thank you for supporting our mission of saving the lives of abandoned babies.  With your tax deductible donation we can continue to educate others about the Safe Haven Law in addition to the Safe Haven Baby Boxes.  Safe Haven Baby Boxes is a 501(c)3 organization.