1.      Are these Safe Haven Baby Boxes illegal?

  No.  The Safe Haven Baby Box is NOT illegal.  That requires each state to enact legislation specifically prohibiting their use.

  In fact, Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas and Pennsylvania have enacted legislation that enhances their Safe Haven laws to expressly include the Safe Haven Baby Box as an extension of the arms of   the first responder in facilitating an anonymous surrender.

  2.       Have the Safe Haven Baby Boxes been tested?

  The Safe Haven Baby Box is tested.  At every stage of design, development and deployment, the Box undergoes stringent testing.  While there are no standards that exist, the Safe Haven Baby Box organization is developing standards by adopting the most stringent requirements.

  The ultimate test came on November 7, 2017 at the CoolSpring Fire Department.  A courageous mother anonymously surrendered Baby Hope in the Safe Haven Baby Box located in Michigan City, IN. After the notification system notified the first responders flawlessly, she was safely received and evaluated under the Safe Haven Baby Box Protocol for Surrender and the laws of Indiana. It is noted the Box performed within the design parameters and the surrender is considered legal under the Indiana Safe Haven law.

  3.       Is Safe Haven Baby Boxes being investigated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

  No, Safe Haven Baby Boxes is not under "investigation."  

   The FDA, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), state and local government agencies work to ensure the highest level of safety for the citizens they protect.  It is  understood that government agencies will make inquiries about the Safe Haven Baby Box when there is a question about how the Box will function within their jurisdiction.  

   We work closely with each of them to provide definitive answers to their questions, without exception. In many cases, the Box does not fall under their jurisdiction, but when their due diligence is complete, there is a much greater understanding of Safe Haven Baby Boxes as an organization and a solution to ensure mothers-in-crisis and their vulnerable infants have a safe alternative to abandonment.

  4.       Are these Safe Haven Baby Boxes illegal medical devices?

  According to the FDA, the Safe Haven Baby Box IS NOT considered a medical device as defined by the FDA classification data base. 

  The Safe Haven Baby Box IS NOT intended to provide any medical care.  The Safe Haven Baby Box IS an additional avenue for the first responder to facilitate an anonymous surrender in under 5 minutes.

  5.       Have these Safe Haven Baby Boxes ever failed?


  6.       Is Safe Haven Baby Boxes a non-profit organization or a for profit organization?

  Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization registered with the IRS and established in 2015.

  7.       Is Safe Haven Baby Boxes the only organization that offers complete anonymity?

  For individuals contacting our National Safe Haven Crisis Hotline, contact is confidential and anonymous, should the caller wish.   For individuals using our Safe Haven Baby Boxes, there are no cameras, so the individual remains anonymous. 

  The Hotline and counselors are supervised by a Clinical Staff Psychologist with over 25 years of crisis pregnancy hotline experience. We will not ask for a name.  We do ask for location so we can provide information on the laws that apply and resources that may be available. Our goal is to provide the mothers-in-crisis with the resources that allow themselves to stabilize their situation and have time to make a decision that is in the best interest of themselves and their child.

  While other organizations may, we can only confirm Safe Haven Baby Boxes and our National Safe Haven Crisis Hotline is the only organization that offers complete anonymity.

  8.       Does Safe Haven Baby Boxes need volunteers?

  Yes, we need assistance in many areas.  Just like all ministries, we are in need of those who are willing to assist with their time, talent and treasure.

  Please send an email to Monica@safehavenbabyboxes.com  to express your interest in volunteering.  Please include your name, email, best phone, and how you would like to assist.

  If prayer is your offering, please pray for:

  ·         The mothers-in-crisis and their vulnerable child, that they may find the guidance from the loving hand of God to direct them in the way that allows both mother and child to be nourished.

  ·         The leaders and volunteers of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, that the work they do touches the untouchable heart and give hope to the hopeless.

  ·         The volunteers for other safe haven organizations that God will guide their hearts and hands in ways that engages mothers-in-crisis and their vulnerable child.