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Thank you so much for contacting us.  Here are a few steps that every location needs to consider when deciding and determining how to get a safe haven baby box in your community.

Step 1:  Does your state law allow baby boxes as a means to surrender a newborn in your state?  Currently only four states have changed the law regarding the Safe Haven Law to allow baby boxes in their states and these states are Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio.  Currently Michigan and Georgia are working to change the law, but it hasn’t passed the legislation process yet.   If you are not in one of these states but want to be a part of changing the law in your state, we can assist with this.

Step 2:  If you currently live in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio or Indiana and want to do the Safe Haven Baby Box program we can help.  In Indiana right now, we are currently working on improved legislation to allow volunteer and staffed fire stations to allow them to do the box program.  We are hoping to have this law passed by April 2018. We are aware that the location where the newborn was saved is a volunteer location, but this was a safe haven baby box location that was grandfathered into the law since it was installed before the law was passed in 2017. Currently in Indiana we are working on installing in Hospitals and we currently have 2 hospitals that should have the boxes in stalled in the spring of 2018.

If you live in Ohio and want to do the Safe Haven Baby Box program, we need to find locations that would be a strategic location.  When we installed Michigan City Indiana’s box last year we knew that babies had been abandoned in that area multiple times before and wanted to help with the abandonment problem.  If your community has had abandonments in the past or you believe your community could benefit from this program, we can help. 

 Step 3: Once we have a location picked out and the location is contracting with us to do the safe haven baby box program, we do a ton of fundraising to keep the cost down for the locations.  

Step 4:  Cost to partner with us.  We do not sell our safe haven baby boxes to locations, we partner with locations to do our program. If we just sold safe haven baby boxes to locations and never did any awareness or education, these boxes would not be used as a last resort.  Our first priority with any woman who contacts us who is in crisis is to get her the help she needs to make a good decision.  And of course we don’t want women to choose our boxes as a first resort, only a last resort.  And through education and awareness of all the better options these mothers have first we believe that these safe haven baby box locations will only be used as a last resort.

Please contact us if you would like to move forward with partnering with us on our safe haven baby box program.  Together we can accomplish more.

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