If you have safely surrendered a newborn baby in the past and would like for your newborn to have access to information concerning their birth parents please fill out the Registry below.  This information is completely voluntary, confidential and will not be made public.  Under the Safe Haven Law it is completely voluntary to give a parent's name when surrendering or any information concerning the birth of the child.  The Safe Haven Registry is designed for parents who originally surrendered their child anonymously, and have now changed their minds and want the child to be given personal and or medical information upon the child becoming a legal adult.  

The information gathered on this form will be held in our confidential database and given to the child upon the child becoming an adult and requesting the information from Safe Haven Baby Boxes.  This information will only be given to the child if he or she requests it.  If the child would like to meet his or her birth parents, we will act as a mediator ensuring that both parties want to meet the other.  Remember this is a confidential voluntary program that is being offered.    

Safe Haven Registry