Teri Grothaus, Mrs. North Central International 2018

Teri’s favorite quote is, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi, and it is what she strives to live by every day.  She has a love and passion for children that is evident in every aspect of her life. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner with more than 25 years caring for infants and children of all ages. Her love of children and desire to make an impact on the world is what fueled her desire to adopt a child internationally, and she now travels to Guatemala providing medical care to impoverished children. She has been married to her husband Chris for 25 years and they have been blessed with four sons, one daughter, and a daughter-in law. They also have a sweet but feisty golden retriever named, Rosie.

Teri says, “It is such an honor and God-given gift to represent Safe Haven Baby Boxes, and I am looking forward to expanding our mission not only in my home state, but globally as well.  Safe Haven Baby Boxes is not just saving the lives of innocent babies. They are saving the lives of mother’s in crisis. They are providing education on safe haven laws throughout the nation, promoting prevention, and advocating for change. Safe Haven Baby Boxes is making an impact on the world, and I am thrilled to be a small part of it”.

"Teri Grothaus has a message that must be shared!  Young people/teens from all ethnic and economic backgrounds need to hear about the Safe Haven Law.  With a passion to make a difference, Teri offers information and hope to teens in crisis!  You won't be disappointed in Teri Grothaus' presentation on Safe Haven Baby Boxes!"

~~ Jan Amrine,  Health Teacher

"The Safe Haven presentation was a wonderful way to make students aware that there is help and hope available to young women in crisis.  In a world that has found ways to devalue life it was a special way to show that ALL lives matter!." 

~~Connie Arthur - Health & PE Teacher

If you would like to invite a speaker to your school or event fill out the form (Located in the Button below) or call 1-888-SHBB133 (742-2133) and someone will get back to you. 

Monica Kelsey, Founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Monica Kelsey was adopted at birth by a Christian family in Paulding, Ohio but it wasn't until the age of 37 that Monica discovered the shocking circumstances of her conception and abandonment. In 1972, Monica's birth mother was 17 years old when she was brutally attacked and raped and left along the side of the road to die. If this situation wasn't devastating enough, six weeks later she finds out she is pregnant with Monica. Ashamed by what had happened to her, Monica's birth mother spent the rest of her pregnancy in seclusion and abandoned Monica two hours after birth.

Today Monica is standing on the front lines of the Safe Haven Movement defending the innocent children that are targeted for abandonment and working to protect the mothers who find themselves in this situation. Monica is also a firefighter and medic out of Indiana and spends her spare time saving the lives of strangers as well. 

Monica has appeared on numerous radio programs, commercials, videos and has spoken at conventions and rallies around the world. Monica has been sharing her passion and views with millions of people since February 2011 and works diligently to support legislators who take a stand to defend the lives of children.

"Monica Kelsey has the heart and passion to connect with audiences in any venue to convey the immeasurable value of every human life. Conceived in rape, Monica’s biological mother not only made the courageous decision to give her life but also instilled in Monica the compassion and courage to tell their story. Monica is a spark plug not only talking about the life issue but also investing many hours as a volunteer on the front lines to save unborn boys and girls in danger of losing their lives to abortion."
~~Cathie Humbarger, Director of Allen County Right to Life

"It was a pleasure to have Monica Kelsey from Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. as our keynote speaker at the 39th March for Life in Little Rock on Sunday, January 22nd. Her personal story of the rape of her biological mother that resulted in Monica's conception to the rejection of abortion but ultimate abandonment of Monica just after her birth has led Monica to be a powerful voice for the Safe Haven Laws that protects the lives of both mother and child. She is a staunch advocate for children conceived in rape that are often given the "death penalty" of abortion for the crime of their father. Monica has devoted her life to defend and protect newborns who are abandoned so that they may survive and thrive by adoption into a loving home with adoptive parents. She is a living witness for the dignity of life as she shares her courageous story with the world. Monica Kelsey is a life-saver!"
~~Rose Mimms, Executive Director of Arkansas Right to Life

Priscillia Pruitt, Mrs. International 2016

Priscilla has had the joy of sharing the past 12 years with her husband Sean Pruitt. In marrying Sean, she gained a beautiful daughter. Together they've had three amazing children, and they’ve adopted two gorgeous girls-proudly making them a family of EIGHT!  She considers it a privileged to have been born in this amazing country. Being a first generation American is a gift that she does not take for granted. It is that gift, plus her love for her relatives in Cuba, along with her passion for children-that inspired Priscilla and her husband to build three orphanages in Honduras.

Priscilla is an ordained minister, and public speaker. In 2012, Priscilla and her family chose to move to Wyoming, leaving their friends and family behind, in hopes to change the suicide rate in the-then suicide capital of the US. They started an outreach for their local kids, giving them an opportunity to have a safe and nurturing environment. Their group, of over a hundred kids, met on a weekly basis. Priscilla and Sean fed, mentored, and entertained the youth, personally covering one-hundred percent of the cost. This opened doors for them to mentor youth dealing with bullying, depression and suicide across the US.

In 2016, after winning the title of Mrs. Wyoming, Priscilla began working with Safe Haven Baby Boxes as their International spokesperson-fulfilling a lifelong dream to bring baby boxes to countries around the world.

In 2016, Priscilla went on to win the title of Mrs International, opening doors for her to speak to young women accross the US about Safe Haven Laws and presenting opportunities for baby boxes in other countries.  Through her partnerships with Impact Ministries International and Safe Haven Baby boxes, Priscilla works to expand her education efforts into international borders. Having been blessed to be bi-lingual, Priscilla is able to speak to those in the Spanish community,  as well as Latin countries.

For the last year, Priscilla has been the co-host of the Christian TV show called God's View-airing in over a dozen countries and across the United States. 

Priscilla and Sean enjoy spending their time serving their local community and others globally. They feel that experiencing life first-hand is the best way for their children to learn.

 “The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”